Group Coaching

This handbook provides a set of session plans for a coaching programme for young people. 

It is based on a very simple idea: A person will progress, will grow, if they have an aspiration to motivate them, combined with an awareness of themselves and the world around them and a taste of achievement.

The main stages of the programme are given in the diagram below. 'GROW towards the dream' is shown with a shadow because it is repeated, with variations.

Overview diagram of coaching programme

These stages are intended to provide the coach or mentor with a framework, that is structured enough to provide guidance and flexible enough to allow the coach to respond to the needs of the young person, or people, they are working with. When in doubt fall back to the focus on the person you are working with.

To see the detail of these stages click on the links below. Each session plan references activities in the tool box that are useful in that session. Do explore the tool box and be happy to select another activity that fulfils the same role if you like it better and think it will suit the people you are working with, but be clear that it does fit the stage of the programme you are in.